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Origins of Matchy/Not Matchy (DRAFT)

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

I haven't seen an outfit in time. A proper one, where the pants match the shirt, and the socks, and the cloth sneakers, maybe a scrunchy. Yeah- because that part of the 80's and prior hasn't come around again, unless it has been a reality blip on the internet trending now ticker. There's good reason for that. Or maybe some form of the treacherous norm core (if that even exists anymore) co-opted it and it fell to its death from its own irony. We exist in a matchy/not matchy time. We do it in clothing, in ritual, in our customizations of lifestyles to a point of hurt or hallelujah. Either way, it's composite (yeah, I wrote a thesis on that a while back).

Matchy/not matchy is dope and why would you want to be in a uniform of your own creation? But herein lies a stretch- a long one- from the tip of the toes all the way up the side body, inner arm, palm, finger tip- throw in your neck here, but don't throw it out.

The rattling in the cage of the mind is something that we all experience (oh, not you? Good for youuuu! Mwah!). So, when the mind rattles in the cage of the skull, may I humbly propose the patterning that we choose- stitch lines as lay lines, akin to the escape route of the forest fire of your own mind and perhaps, desire. And those are physical and those of a story, even a trigger)

(picture of Navajo escape pattern)


So. Sutras. I'm in the process of scribing these, as a form to understand them, to create visual experiences of them - a yantra, kinda. A place to focus, a touchstone. I could likely assign more functions to them, but the point here is that the experience of scribing them, in transliterated english letters from the sanskrit, and then slowly reading and contemplating each one, has me sprung about 1 in 15 sutras. Here's where I got excited: (Necessary?)

Book 2, sutra 6:

Book 2, sutra 17

As I mentioned here before, and looking for a form to

Matchy not matchy is not only a way of dressing, but also a way of understanding triggering experiences. Yesterday, I received a note from my dear polyamorous lovers for which I am the gracious third- don't get me started, but there is a point here. I've always wanted to weave. I have, in fact woven, and woven well, quite frankly- it got me into graduate school and I wove even more there, eventually giving it up for the crash into thesis year required other tactics.

It was a form that I always engaged in and was hoping to

Hint: Wear a lot of stripes!


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