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Sense Lab #2: Pre-event mini practice (21 minutes)

As we set into this as-of-yet uncharted territory, we invite you to take a pause. This exercise is just for you, to get into the groove. Chances are y’all do this often, so welcome back to your practice. Here we go:


Of course, grab the paper and pen.  

  1. Set a timer for 11 minutes to just sit, or stand.

  2. Just 11 minutes. In 10 minutes is great, and just one minute more is better. 

  3. Let whatever happens happens.

  4. When the timer goes off

  5. Set timer for another 10 minutes, scroll to the prompt below, *NO PEEKING*

  6. Read the prompt and immediately begin writing for 10 minutes. Go where the pen moves you. No stopping, no editing.


Need to get in touch with us? Whatsapp us (you are likely to have our contact), or just email Nica. She'll be last checking 30 minutes to start time.


Sense Lab #2: Pre-event prompt

Respond to this prompt, however it comes out:

I close my eyes and what I see starts to... 
Cierro los ojos y lo que veo empieza a...
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