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(Crown Cakra)

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July 30, 2022 _10am HORSE & PLOW Sebastopol (1).png
Today I wrote my bio to join the water b
Float. Float on._Friday._._._This journe
The morning. November 20, 2017
Wise words I captured moments before my

Tasmai Sri Guruve Namaha

In gratitude to the teachers,

and how they shine light in the darkness.



A project born of the desire to collaborate and build mutuality between practices in community through expanding our understanding of the senses.

Panning for Gold.

This practice. 


It's how I've come to understand our relationship with my community, myself, and Earth as it is now. It's been a sieve, capturing the golden nuggets & releasing a burn pile of karma.

I started writing about these experiences, in an effort to glean and offer the fruits outward to those who might need, or be entertained by them.

They are dharma talks in raw form; a way to better understand the principles that guide this life and digest its experiences.


1,008 Drawings

I've been drawing from this practice for some time. I'm cataloging them here until I get to 1008.

I welcome your inquiries.

I do not claim to have answers, but I would be so happy to hear from you,

so email me.

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