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Collective Unconcious

June 1, 2024

Todos Santos

BCS, Mexico

@Cuatro Vientos

In this second Sense Lab, we were curious to discover what occurs when we connect and transmit collective communication through meditation, movement, and writing.


What deeper ways could we connect?

Where and how will we find each other in the collective unconscious, in the liminal space that unites us?

We relaxed three layers inward, slowed down, and witnessed what arose. 


The workshop began with a sensorial meditation and movement practice with Nica to uncover what resides beyond our initial intentions. Then we took our discoveries into the writing realm to unfold messages from our subconscious with Amanda. Diving deeper, a subsequent meditation and writing exercise invited forth excavation of our collective unconscious. An opportunity to safely move into the deeper layers together, we wrote our way into connection with the innermost tributaries of our mind.


We spend a lot of time learning to connect with ourselves through contemplative practices on mats and cushions, and in our bodies as individuals. When interfacing with the world, we sense that there is a source that unites us, and expresses itself through shared individual experiences. It is often known, but difficult to explain. Often we are fascinated, acknowledge, and move on. However, we believe that the very tools we use to access our own subconscious could be the same ones we utilize to capture and better understand the themes and messages that arise from the collective.



We began the approach the power of the collective through the individual. An immersive sensorial meditation will begin our journey, followed by simple asana movements to integrate what arises into our body, dissolving the space between mind and subconscious. We will take emergent concepts and write through the prompt-based practices. We will then repeat, and go another layer deeper through a subsequent sensorial meditation and another writing exercise. 


Ultimately, we are creating the conditions to see what arises first within ourselves, and then through our connection to each other. We humbly ask that you consider coming with as clear of a mind as possible, and nourish yourself at least an hour prior to the start of the event.

with Nica Celly & Amanda Aileen Fisher

Visual Record
Collective Writing
About the Artists

About the Artists

Nica Celly is an artist and designer who connects disparate practices to build a common understanding and equanimity across disciplines, from ways of working to contemplative practices. She has been studying and practicing yoga (tantric Shaivist lineage, 500+ certified, nearly 1008 complete) for over 25 years, holds an MFA in textiles from California College of the Arts, and works across the fields of contemplative studies and mid-life established practitioners to connect mastery of their craft to emerging audiences. 

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Amanda Aileen Fisher is an interdisciplinary social practice artist and writer who is drawn to the power of language in creating and reconstructing “realities.” She served as co-leader of Colectivo El Nido, a community arts and cultural space, and  is the founder of the Todos-Santos-based project Abre Tu Boca, where she has built a community of writers, supporting them to find and flex the power of word and voice. Her social practice and white box gallery projects have been shared and shown in Los Angeles, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.

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Documentary Photography by: Tomek Banan

Deep gratitude to the individuals whose willingness to experience this made it happen: David Power, Chantal A, Ana Noble, Susan Johannsen, Fabiana Burr, Christine R, Kari Schein, Charlotte Eulette, Christine Martin, Diane Cox, Emily Balfour, Lane Burgman, Daniela, Alexis, Bonnie, and others

Sense Lab returns
to Todos Santos November 2024.

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