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What is this about?

Who I am

Why this exists

Why YogaCraft?

What I Offer

My name is Nica Celly, birth name: Nicole Markoff.

Working across the disciplines of art, design, and writing, I am informed by contemplative practices. This journey sutures seemingly disparate practices into one nondual space. And the connective tissue of all those organs playing? Yup. Yoga. Humbly and if I bowed any deeper, I'd have to start digging. So, let's practice, shall we?

The work I engage in every day - from Work (dharmic) to work (householder/livelihood) circulates around these studies. I've kept notebooks of trainings, notes on readings- writing in the margins, drawing on little pieces of paper, recording low-fi videos, all ephemeral record.


Sometimes I flip through these books, journals and mental landscapes, and pour or distill a bit into this forum. 


Begun as an effort to consolodate one facet of a compendium - a formally a response to 1008 hours (who is counting, anyway?) of training with my teacher, Janet Stone, it is slowly turning into a project of its own. That said, it is in honor of her and our sangha that I share these personal reflections, workshops, writings, and visual works.

Binding breath and form is real, and part of our innate existence.  Fusing yogic practices and practical object-making in the craft movement is where the name came from. It is still that, and then some.  

In the form of this website, I offer nothing other than my thought distillations, and records of practice. I've also started some social practice "happenings", aka events to explore the edges of these inquiries.  


If any of this resonates and is useful for you, that is such a beautiful thing, and I am grateful.  I do teach, but most often in service when asked, and when there is a need. If you are curious about more, please contact me.

What Else?

For the intersection of Work, work, and dharma, please visit me here:

For more art and logic, please visit me here:

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