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What is it?

Why does it exist?

Sense Lab is an experiment in exploring the physical and metaphysical senses.


Each lab is a social practice "happening" that utilizes movement, stillness, and awareness practices that allow us to explore and play with our senses in a new way. Each highly participatory experience is produced as a collaboration between teachers, artists, designers, and chefs who have been exploring the outer limits of their practices.


Together, we create a depth of field that invites each participant to expand their experience of the senses as not just tools of feeling, but also tools of play, connectivity, and discovery.

Sense Lab exists to offer a community experience of connectivity. Part of a greater art practice, each lab intends to discover emergent reflections of the senses for each participant. Further, in a world of sensorial and informational overload, it is designed to regain a mutual relationship with our senses as tools of communication and experience.


SENSE LAB 2 (11 x 8.5 in)-2.png


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