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Bramacarya: the Value of Empty Space

Updated: Mar 16

Universe outside. Universe Inside.

Open spaces and their apparent emptiness.

Filling space.

The brilliance of emptiness,

you colonizer.

In the darkest hour of night with no moon, the mole fights the scorpion in the Arizona desert. Yes, I know you saw the Planet Earth special, too. The cool thing about it - we can't see all that is happening, but the uncool thing our egos do is that they don't dictate that nothing existed before it got there. Yes, I know you know about Americans, too.

Herein lies the malleability of the mind. The ways in which we can convince ourselves that nothing is there. It's empty space. And if life doesn't show its face in the next few moments, to me, then clearly it doesn't exist. So I'll fill that space with all the habits and exhausting patterns that I don't even know I have. Yes, I've done it, too.... and from tiiiiiime to tiiiiime I might even slip back in.

Kind of like object permanence.

It goes on and on. but we know this weakness. And that is where we have the opportunity for Bramacarya- and perhaps the witness of a world inside where once was a void. Just by slipping our consciousness into new practice. But we do have...

the art of choosing.

Choosing excess and moderation- and so much fun to swing through those.

What happens when we have acts of Brahma and use them in moderation? What happens to the spirit there?

My feelings about empty spaces have shifted- empty spaces are no longer empty- we just can't yet recognize what lies in them. Quiet spaces aren't always quiet, as we haven't tuned our ears or our minds to hear the calls that come from the silence. It is possible to shift our radio frequencies to locate ourselves in quiet space.

And onwards to the process.


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