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The beginning

Updated: Mar 16

Revisiting 2012.

Nearly seven years ago, I started this blog with the intent of creating a diaristic moment and exploring what I only had language for then... "meta and medium" - but it's more than that. So, revisiting this, and re-hosting it on a more sophisticated ether,


That's what it was about. The first invocation as you begin any task, aside from a quick holler to Ganesh- this one. For the teachers whose feet we sit at. So...

At the Beginning. (2012)

For fifteen years, yoga has given me the opportunity to bind concepts and practice of breath in making of art and craft. I have sought to express externally through movement and stillness as a way to reflect the form and formlessness of this life.

Or, at least that’s my goal.

This blog’s identity will emerge over time. In the meanwhile, it will be a place for thoughts- rudimentary, obvious, obscure, curious, of beginner and learned mind- altogether, ultimately with the hope to find the pathways that link the making and that which does the making- the body.

I will start off with the source of this interest- Paulus Berensohn.  I do not know this man well, but have been lucky to meet his acquaintance and practice alongside him in the long and tall hall that is known as Northlight at Penland School of Crafts. I believe in the acknowledgment of the endeavors that have led us to this point, and his contribution is most subtle and deep, beginning again and definitely not ending with his book, Finding One’s Way with Clay.

In yoga, as in craft, we begin with the teachers. Here are two of the multitudes I have come across. I encourage you to take a moment to acknowledge a few of yours. The top image comes from the internet, of Paulus’ hands. The lower image is of my (and many others’ beloved) teacher, Janet Stone who teaches in San Francisco.


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