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B-Side Playlist. #Prashthataha

Backloading. On the heels of Bacon's 4 Stumbling Blocks to Truth, I'm thinking about, while in this state of enoughness, there is the well-how-bout-it awesome choice to create a whole lot of space in that field that has now been cleared of conventional stones.

That said, there is this place we can find when we are avoiding the "hiding of our own ignorance while making a display of our apparent knowledge." One of these is the front-loading of all the energy. It is built from a society that asks us to project fully from the front body at all times. (Hence, my aging saggy bottom, but first mid-center- cue laughter, it's intended and prompted).

That said, our eyes burn, our mouths get dry, and we are worn out in the front without any security that the energy stored behind us is enough to get us through to the front of the next moment.

Therefore, I now understand this:

REAR WHEEL DRIVE: My truck has new meaning to me. It pushes from the back so the front can steer. the energy of the back body is designed to hold us upright while the front body refines and watches out for the ahead-ness.

BACKLOADING: Sure, backloading a concept or the like can absolutely create a tipsy condition, and for that, we have emotional abs to get us through, but in terms of ideation and the creation that follows, it is just more fuel efficient to have it all back-loaded. Clean technologies for the 2020!

I have this prayer:

May I find all the pieces- or the ones that are needed - before I launch a moment. May all the history of me be with me, as an engine. As it burns, may it fuel that wheels so I may drive forward and not drag my behind with me, but be driven by what's behind to what is to come. In this way, my heart will not be stretched - it will be relaxed and ready to receive with full attention what is to come.

OM. Tending the energetic body.

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